This series consists of individual welded and power-coated frames with netted paracord that are assembled together into a large-scale modular installation to create a wall of leaning “bodies.” Suspended between the organic and the artificial, these works draw on plant


My Muffin. 2015 Lavender Menace. 2015 Their Streams Crossed. 2015


Ways of Being Done and Doing Cloth, metal pipes. sculpey, embellishments 3′ x 4′ x 2′ 2011


Beads. detail Paracord, blown glass balls, metal 2015 Pink. 2014 Orange. 2014 Orange. detail 2014 Orange. 2014


Based upon research into the transnational circulation of chintz fabric from India to Europe, Frosted Pink Lipstick Smeared Across His Face draws together the material legacies of colonial power relations with an exploration into the connotations of the term “chintzy.” Frosted Pink


Floats Markie Mark Sequins, cloth, foam, paint 12″ x 4″ x variable 2013/2015 Demi Suzi Quatro Myles

Video Work

Artist Statement

Late Bloomers

Late Bloomers (cluster fuck) Cloth, cement, metal, embellishments 2014       Late Bloomers Cloth, metal, embellishments 3’x 2.5′ x 4′ 2013

Enormity of Lesbian Grief

The Enormity of Lesbian Grief takes the form of an oversized tissue box constructed from “found” wedding dresses sewn with beading techniques generally employed in French couture. This work employs a maximalist aesthetic to convey the immensity and messiness of