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While living in Chicago, I made a series of small parade floats; these were inspired by an early morning run on the day of a large LGBTQ Pride parade where I encountered a series of empty floats traveling to the parade site. The streets were otherwise deserted and it seemed as though the floats were moving themselves through the streets of the city, getting ready for the performance. This encounter caused me to reflect upon the broader infrastructures of labor and support than undergird queer collectivity. While these floats register an emotional attachment to Pride, they also stem from an ambivalence towards such sites of queer celebration in order to register how the event’s investment in consumption and enjoyment obscure the (racial, gendered) exclusions that interrupt any sense of queer pride.

Floats (sequins, trimmings, foam - 2012/2015)

Markie Mark (sequins, trimmings, foam, 4" x 6" x 3" - 2012/2015)
Markie Mark
Sequins, cloth, foam, paint
12″ x 4″ x variable

Demi (sequins, trimmings, foam, 4" x 6" x 5" - 2012/2015)

Suzi Quatro (sequins, trimmings, foam, 4"x 6"x 3" - 2012/2015)
Suzi Quatro

Myles (sequins, trimmings, foam, 4"x 6" 8" - 2012/2015)