Video Work

Wonder Twins Jesse Harrod asked Lisi Raskin a question about the relationship between color and affect. This tongue in cheek prompt (that Raskin couldn’t help but take at face value,) generated a four-minute sound file that Harrod “interpreted” through a series of drawings that playfully and respectfully take the piss out of Raskin’s ability to synthesize information in an impromptu fashion. In the resulting animation, the performance of “language privilege” paired with the performance of “drawing chops” creates a fulcrum that allows the artists to imperfectly communicate about the impossible task of physicalizing and demystifying class-loaded, abstract concepts.


Operator A sad and immobile penis dwells alone on a hillside, disembodied; or perhaps so embodied it requires no surrogate. Singing “Operator” by Jim Croce, the penis references the strap-on, that interchangeable cock used as part of queer sexual practices. Has this cock been discarded for alternative pleasures? What is the form of our attachment to such appendages?


Artist Statement underscores the erotic tensions and sensual feelings that pervade our relations with quotidian objects and devices. Bringing together many of the questions touched upon across my artistic practice, Artist Statement registers the pleasures of hapticity and the ways in which objects and material incite and choreograph our bodies, actions, and engagements with them. Just as the work registers the queerness of things, it equally points to queer ways of doing things with objects and materials.