Physical Form

While colour has always played an active role in my sculptural works, in these new works I aim to utilize color as a conceptual tool to explore how physical form, and particularly forms of gendered embodiment, are made and remade through perception.

New Drawings

Many of my works on paper “let it all hang out.”


These portraits feature cisgender men who have damaged or distorted my sense of self worth. By rendering these men in a manner that emphasizes their absurdity and impotence (both sexual and otherwise), I intend to creatively excise their emotional impact upon my mind and body.

Low Ropes Course

Purchase Low Ropes Course Low Ropes Course documents some of Harrods recent work, the queerness, Maximalist aesthetics, and feminist politics that inform Harrod’s work are addressed in essays by curators Danny Orendorff (Museum of Art & Design) & Anthony Romero, and by Art Historians Jenni […]

Passing Fancies

From a cursory examination of any department store, it is clear that cotton dominates the production of clothing and home goods. At one time, however, linen played this role. In the popular imagination linen now has connotations with luxury, fragility, and delicacy, despite the strength […]

Taught Tight Tender Sway SculptureCenter 2017

Taught Tight Tender Sway, commissioned for the SculptureCenter in New York, extends my engagement with hanging and suspended abstract bodily forms characteristic of works such as Rangers, Mascots, and Hung, and scales these forms up to the level of architecture and environment. In response to […]


This piece took many years to complete. Hung is a limp and bulky phallus wound in a protective cocoon of orange paracord that humorously comments on the idea of being “well hung.” At the same time, the sculpture references both Louise Bourgeois’ Fillette (Sweeter Version) […]


The overlapping multi-colored knots that construct Mascots I and II form a series of amorphous, indeterminate orifice-body assemblages. Mascot 1 2016 Mascot 2 2016

Vagina Touchers

A large-scale sculpture that doubles as a wall that supports a series of posters for a fictitious band called Vagina ToucHers. Layering the faux upon the fictitious, Harrod’s installation highlights the blur between surface and depth, enacting and unworking the relationship between supporting structure and […]


This series consists of individual welded and power-coated frames with netted paracord that are assembled together into a large-scale modular installation to create a wall of leaning “bodies.” Suspended between the organic and the artificial, these works draw on plant morphologies to explore ideas of […]


Lesbian Agenda 2016 Lavender Menace, 2015 Lavender Menace, Detail, 2015 Bodies 2016 Sheila could draw a horse, 2015 Detail – Sheila could draw a horse, 2015 Sausage Fest, 2015 My Muffin. 2015 Meatball Sub. 2016 If I had Three Vaginas. 2015 Their Streams Crossed. 2015

Friendship Bracelet

Friendship Bracelete Found Rope on Plexiglass 2015   Friendship Bracelete Found Rope on Plexiglass 2015 Friendship Bracelete Found Rope on Plexiglass 2015  


Ways of Being Done and Doing Cloth, metal pipes. sculpey, embellishments 3′ x 4′ x 2′ 2011

found rope on plexiglass, 4″x 6″ – 2015
Rope Drawings

Found Rope   Found Rope   Found Rope   Found Rope   Found Rope   Found Rope


Engaging more directly with the absurdity of sexual prosthetics, the testicular-like forms in this work are left, quite literally, hanging in the absence of a phallus to support. Beads. detail Paracord, blown glass balls, metal 2015 Pink. 2014 Orange. 2014 Orange. detail 2014 Orange. 2014


While living in Chicago, I made a series of small parade floats; these were inspired by an early morning run on the day of a large LGBTQ Pride parade where I encountered a series of empty floats traveling to the parade site. The streets were […]

Pensile Arrangements

Much of my work explores the sexual prosthetics of queer, and particularly lesbian, sexuality and the malleability of phallic and labial forms. Constructed from paracord – a strong nylon rope popular within the military and the BDSM community – embellished with cock rings and beads, […]

Video Work
A sad and immobile penis dwells alone on a hillside, disembodied; or perhaps so embodied it requires no surrogate. Singing “Operator” by Jim Croce, the penis references the strap-on, that interchangeable cock used as part of queer sexual practices. Has this cock been discarded for alternative pleasures? What is the form of our attachment to such appendages?
Video Work

Wonder Twins Jesse Harrod asked Lisi Raskin a question about the relationship between color and affect. This tongue in cheek prompt (that Raskin couldn’t help but take at face value,) generated a four-minute sound file that Harrod “interpreted” through a series of drawings that playfully […]

Soft Ball

I made Soft Ball during a moment when many of my peers were having top surgery, while others were diagnosed with breast cancer in order to reflect upon the breast as a detachable appendage that is liberating for some and painful for others. This work […]


Based upon research into the transnational circulation of chintz fabric from India to Europe, Frosted Pink Lipstick Smeared Across His Face draws together the material legacies of colonial power relations with an exploration into the connotations of the term “chintzy.” Frosted Pink Lipstick Smeared Across His Face […]


Untitled. Plexiglass and Paracord 2015

Late Bloomers

Late Bloomers (cluster fuck) Cloth, cement, metal, embellishments 2014 Late Bloomers Cloth, cement, metal, embellishments 2014 Late Bloomers (cluster fuck) Cloth, cement, metal, embellishments 2014 Late Bloomers (cluster fuck) Cloth, cement, metal, embellishments 2014 Late Bloomers Cloth, metal, embellishments 3’x 2.5′ x 4′ 2013

Enormity of Lesbian Grief

The Enormity of Lesbian Grief takes the form of an oversized tissue box constructed from “found” wedding dresses sewn with beading techniques generally employed in French couture. This work employs a maximalist aesthetic to convey the immensity and messiness of feeling in the face of […]