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Physical Form

While colour has always played an active role in my sculptural works, in these new works I aim to utilize color as a conceptual tool to explore how physical form, and particularly forms of gendered embodiment, are made and remade

New Drawings

Many of my works on paper “let it all hang out.”

Low Ropes Course

https://publication-studio.myshopify.com/products/low-ropes-course Low Ropes Course documents some of Harrods recent work, the queerness, Maximalist aesthetics, and feminist politics that inform Harrod’s work are addressed in essays by curators Danny Orendorff (Museum of Art & Design) & Anthony Romero, and by Art

Passing Fancies

From a cursory examination of any department store, it is clear that cotton dominates the production of clothing and home goods. At one time, however, linen played this role. In the popular imagination linen now has connotations with luxury, fragility,


This piece took many years to complete. Hung is a limp and bulky phallus wound in a protective cocoon of orange paracord that humorously comments on the idea of being “well hung.” At the same time, the sculpture references both


The overlapping multi-colored knots that construct Mascots I and II form a series of amorphous, indeterminate orifice-body assemblages. Mascot 1 2016 Mascot 2 2016

The Enormity of Lesbian Grief

The Enormity of Lesbian Grief engages with many of the dichotomies that inform the Floats series on a larger scale. The installation takes the form of an oversized tissue box constructed from “found” wedding dresses sewn with beading techniques generally

Video Work

Wonder Twins Jesse Harrod asked Lisi Raskin a question about the relationship between color and affect. This tongue in cheek prompt (that Raskin couldn’t help but take at face value,) generated a four-minute sound file that Harrod “interpreted” through a


Untitled. Plexiglass and Paracord 2015