The Enormity of Lesbian Grief

The Enormity of Lesbian Grief engages with many of the dichotomies that inform the Floats series on a larger scale. The installation takes the form of an oversized tissue box constructed from “found” wedding dresses sewn with beading techniques generally employed in French couture. Employing a maximalist aesthetic to convey the immensity and messiness of emotion in the face of the political structures that oppress and confine queer subjects, this installation aims to convey the sense of lesbian “public feeling,” following Ann Cvetkovich, that stems from trying to survive in a world inimical to one’s survival. At the same time, it evokes the power of humor and laughter as a defense against such structures.

Lavender Menace, 2015

Lavender Menace, Detail, 2015

Lavender Menace, Detail, 2015

Sausage Fest, 2015